A good sleep for good health.

05 Jul, 2018

Sleep is the best meditation.

- Dalai Lama

A terrible night of no sleep can leave you worn out. However, one bad night with poor sleep can have zero effects on your health. For human survival sleep is crucial, it is advised that an adult should somewhere get 7 to 8 hours of normal sleep to function properly and maintain a right balance between physical and mental health.


1.       Lack of sleep can cause you to gain weight!

Sleep scarcity can increase your stress hormones along with the ones responsible for making you hungry. As a result, you tend to overeat or make poor eating choices. Research suggests if you are trying to lose weight it is essential you follow a strict sleep pattern and follow to it so that boost in your body’s metabolism let you achieve your goals. 


2.       Sound sleep can improve memory!

When you are trying to learn something new or improve your overall memory, it is essential to sleep well. It gives time to your brain to process and cement together the memories for you to recall when you wake up and even for many years.


3.       Poor sleep maximizes the chances of depression!

Sleep deprivation has detrimental effects on one’s mood and mental health. Chronically sleep-deprived people are at higher risk of developing anxiety, depression. Sleeping for proper hours can help you be happy and defy such problems.


4.       Good sleep can ward off accidents!

Absence of sleep can turn your brain foggy and hamper your concentration and balance. It is more likely to get you into car accidents. Getting enough sleep can help your mind to stay focused and alert.


5.       Adequate sleep can enhance your immunity!

Lack of sleep impairs our immune system eventually and make us susceptible to the attack of bacterias and viruses and make us sick. But if the body is allowed to rest and recharge it can enhance our immunity and brush off illnesses.


6.       Enough sleep can extend your lifespan!

Sleep patterns influence the quality of life. Insufficient sleep or oversleeping can decrease your lifespan.


Do you now realise why before competitions and examinations your parents told you to get a good night’s sleep? Because for winning in every walk of life it is vital you take some rest. Value your body and give it rest it requires. 



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