13 Jun, 2018

One of the most popular ways of staying fit is the good old morning walk! I hits the sweet spot where it is not strenuous enough to feel intimidating, but still demands a lot of discipline, be it for waking up at the crack of dawn or covering more distance while pushing your body forward. If you are not a morning person or haven't tried taking a morning walk, you might want to give it a chance. There is something about taking a step in the crisp morning air which provides a lot of physical as well as mental benefits. It gives you a chance to collect your thoughts, cleanse your mind, and relax your body and soul before the breakneck pace of the daily life takes over. Let us explore some of the benefits of taking a morning stroll.

Alertness: A brisk walk in the morning activates your bodily systems, rapidly increasing the pulse rate, giving you a sudden surge of energy and keeping you alert. It jolts your body from lethargy to high energy and helps to remain active, mentally sharp and focused throughout the day.

Positive mindset: Having already finished a stroll before the world wakes up gives one a sense of achievement, which instantly lifts one’s mood and sets the tone for the day. Physical activity can give you a sense of high, which creates positive momentum for the rest of the day, by keeping the disposition perky and cheerful.

Weight loss: Who needs fancy gym memberships and heavy equipment when all you need to do is walk to burn those calories. Sure running has a higher influence on shedding the weight than walking, and you will still see a significant difference in your weight over time. It is also the most likable fitness regime which most people feel like they can stick to it on a long-term scenario.

Health benefits: Walking comes with substantial health benefits which are impossible to miss. It comes with massive cardiovascular advantages, as walking around 5 km per hour can reduce one’s chances of suffering from heart disease by a massive 40%. Regular morning walks also helps cut down bad cholesterol, which helps in beating obesity and helps lower the chances of diabetes, as it helps to burn sugar rapidly.

Better skin and hair: Walking, like any physical exercise, increases the blood circulation, which prevents acne and other skin problem, leading to glowing skin. And it does not stop there. Going for a morning walk is equally beneficial for your hair. Walking helps the hormones in your body well-balanced, fostering healthy hair and preventing hair loss.

Morning walk is truly a walk in the park when compared to many other fitness options. You get to wake in before the world does, take in the beauty of nature, all while inculcating fundamental health benefit for your body and soul. It is a flexible practice which suits anyone from 8 to 85, has no guideline and the benefits which come along are tremendous to create visible changes in your life. So what’s keeping you from giving morning walk a fair trial?


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13 Jun, 2018

One of the most popular ways of staying fit is the good old morning walk! I hits the sweet spot where it is not strenuous enough to feel intimidating,... [Readmore...]


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