Food items to include and discard in monsoon.

25 Jul, 2018

Monsoon is inherently related to food. No wonder whenever that first round of monsoon showers hits that window pane, you automatically crave a cup of hot beverage with a steaming plate of crispy fritters! Whether a cozy blanket and a book finishes the picture best for you or running out to jump the puddles more your scene, rainy days bring in a refreshing breather to the hot sticky summer days. However, monsoon also brings in its wake a wave of infections and the flu. Instead of readily falling prey to the seasonal illness which we think are unavoidable, there are actually a lot of things we can to do be on the safer side in this vulnerable season.


What to Avoid

● Leafy Vegetables: Contrary to the popular recommendation, leafy vegetables are best avoided during monsoon as they attract a lot of dirt and grime, which can attract germs or worms during monsoon. Give the leafy greens a pass and opt for other vegetables instead; however, ensure that you wash the vegetables thoroughly before use.

● Roadside Fresh Juice and Fruits: Fresh fruits which have been exposed to the monsoon air for a long time should be avoided. Roadside vendors cut up food well in advance, which then comes in contact with the contaminated air, bringing forth many illnesses. If you are craving fruit juice, prepared at home and ensure that you consume it instantly.

● Fizzy Drinks: Carbonated drinks plummets the minerals in our body, leading to the reduction of enzyme activities. With an already weak digestive system during monsoon, the addition of fizzy beverages does no help to your body. Instead, have nimbu paani, ginger tea or just a bottle of water. 

● Seafood: It is best to stick to other non-vegetarian options during monsoons, like chicken and mutton, as monsoon, being the breeding season for seafood, should be avoided around this time. If you absolutely need to, ensure that you stick to the freshest options only and cook them we variety of it, taking extra care to cook them well.


What to Include

● Garlic: Garlic is an abundant source of antioxidants, making them rich with immunity-boosting properties. They help you with the digestive system, ensures steady metabolic rate, keeping you healthy through those months. Adding garlic and pepper to your soup during a rainy day is just a picture of perfection.

● Monsoon Drinks: What can be better than a piping hot monsoon beverage in a cozy monsoon day? Nothing indeed. Add grated ginger and honey to warm water to cure that sore throat, or sip on an antioxidant-rich cup of green tea. The possibles are endless, and all equally comforting.

● Spices: Spices like turmeric and black pepper is crucial during this time, as turmeric is a well-known immunity booster, a natural antiseptic and antibiotic agent safeguarding you from any monsoon illnesses. Black pepper is a natural antidote for various diseases like fever, cough, cold, etc. and can help during the monsoon seasons.

● Water: It is crucial that you keep your body hydrated during the monsoon, as there is a natural inclination of reducing water consumption in a cold environment. Not having enough water exposes you to the risk of infections and diseases and it is advised that you have at least eight glasses of water every day.


Whether you like rainy days, or barely tolerate them, one cannot ignore them for sure. They have the ability to both mess will your best laid out plans, or just escalating your no-plans weekend to a sensory platter of all things good. However, its impact on some food item might be hazardous to your health, and one should be cautious about one includes in their plates. Our compilation will you help you steer clear of any food sources which needs to be avoided and choose the ones which are best for you, making your work a lot easier. Go ahead and enjoy the monsoon, while we have you covered!



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