13 Jun, 2018

It was New Year’s Eve, and you made a pledge to be regular in your gym or at least try to go for a morning jog and do some light exercises. You woke up that day with a glint in your eyes, realizing new year calls for new plans, you went for a walk and exercised for an hour. It has been months since then, everything is happening as planned, work is as always tedious and gruelling, but regular exercise still seems miles away from being achieved! You find it easy and appropriate to blame it all on your busy lifestyle. “I don’t have enough time,” “I come home late, the traffic sucks all my energy,” “I will definitely go from tomorrow” do these sound like the familiar anthems you hymn every day? Well, you are not the only person to do this.

People fail to see the brighter side of daily exercising, not only does it mollify your stress levels but also elevates your productivity, be it work or any household chore. We have compiled a few time management tips for you to help you achieve your fitness goals when time and your busy lifestyle act as hindrances!

Take out 5 minutes from your hectic schedule. Go for a walk and soon after few days gradually increase the time.

Want to miss out on gym because you want to catch up on your favourite show? Well, download the series and watch it on your phones while you don’t stop moving on the treadmill.

If you are an obsessed TV viewer we recommend you to do some squats, yoga poses, planks while keeping up with your latest episodes. Turn the 3-minute commercials to your advantage by jumping ropes, doing jumping jacks and burpees around that time.

If you board public transport while going to office try walking to your closest bus stop or metro station instead of pooling on those shared rickshaws and autos!

Avoid escalators and lifts wherever you can and walk up and down using only the stairs. Stairs are a good way to burn some calories instantly. Moreover, you did not even have to take any time out from your timeline.

How many times does your phone buzz with phone calls in a day? If you get frequent calls well, that sounds like a fitness regime to follow. Whenever you get a phone call make sure you answer them while walking.

You have to meet a friend, but the plan collides with your workout timings? Drag your friend along for a walk and socialize while both of you mildly jog and talk! You won’t even notice how time passed really quick while workout accounted for double fun!

With adequate time management, you will be able to keep yourself fit and even complete your work on time. The above ways act as cheats when you are pressed for time but keeping yourself fit inspires you, and is your ultimate goal. After every week evaluate yourself, check how well you have done, whether you feel fit and healthy? Were you able to lose some weight? If the answer is “NO” you know what barriers you faced, so work on them. If the answer is “YES” you are doing good, so don’t lose your streak.


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