13 Jun, 2018

How many time have you promised yourself that you will start working out from the next Monday? When was the last time you caught yourself having that cheeseburger, promising this was your last? Do you feel you are stuck in the endless loop of guilt and determination? Flash News: That Monday is never coming! The fitness world can look a bit intimidating, with huge machines and mightier-than-thou diting regimes to put a jail meal to shame, but one can test the waters with simple acts of fitness, and you never know where it can lead you to. We all care for our health, but a change towards a better lifestyle need not be a huge gesture but can be a small habit which you are consistent on. Let us delve into the world of fitness and health and see what unfolds and how it changes our world.


Walk: Walking is the best form of exercise, especially if you are on a budget. The world is nature’s gym, and there is so much you can do for your body by just walking every day. Go to the neighborhood park, take your dog for a run, take the stairs instead of the elevators, or go for a nature trail.

Be flexible: Working out need not be in the form of a gym membership, but can be any kind of physical movement. Some like the discipline of martial arts, while other love the fun element associated with Zumba classes. There are so many options nowadays that there is bound to be a kind of working out which works best with your requirement and suits you the best.

Invest in good shoes: Buying a pair of good quality shoes might be the first step before you start your fitness journey. The wrong kind of shoes can not only be uncomfortable but can land you in severe injuries. Look for breathable and supportive shoes which work best with the kind of exercise you are into.

Warm-up and cool-down: Our body is not a switch-on switch-off performer but needs time to warm up and cool down. So learn few basic warm-up stretches before heading out for a run and cool yourself down post-exercise. Abrupt movement can jolt your body and can lead to sore muscles and aches.

Get the technique right: Right posture and techniques are quintessential when it comes to fitness, as a wrong position can lead to an irrevocable injury. Learning the perfect postures from the experts is crucial before attempting any exercise or yoga position.

Hydrate: There is no elixir like water and it plays an imperative role in one’s fitness. Carry a water bottle wherever you go and keep yourself hydrated throughout the day. Having a minimum of 8 glasses of water is great for not only the basic up-keeping of the body, but it prevents the body from several diseases.

Routine: It is said that every action takes 20 days to become a habit. Maintaining a daily routine and sticking to it is pivotal, as it trains the body to follow a pattern after a certain period of time. In the matter of a month, you will find yourself preparing for the fitness routine without giving the pep talk to yourself.

Meditate: Health is not only about bodily fitness but the fitness of the mind too. Declutter your mind by practicing meditation for at least 5 minutes every morning. You can try applications like ‘Headspace’ for guided meditation session or try your own version. There is no wrong way of doing it, and you will find yourself feeling a lot more calmer and in your element before the day even starts.

Healthier food choices: No. You don't have to survive on half a celery and a leaf of lettuce throughout the day. Make small and smart changes in your diet. Replace unhealthy food choices with healthier options. Try hummus instead of mayonnaise, or make your favorite white sauce pasta with whole grain pasta. Little steps go a long way.

Whether you are a health nut or trying to be healthier for a change, let it be established that there is nothing but good results which can come from pursuing a healthy and fit lifestyle! At the risk of sounding like a broken record, a healthier fitness regime can change you for good. You will start seeing the apparent changes in your body and mind, feeling better than you have ever been in a while. You will feel nimble and alert, see your skin clearing, and that enticing cheeseburger will have lost its charm somewhere along the way! Are you ready for the new you.



13 Jun, 2018

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