Mistakes people make while trying to reduce weight quickly.

30 Jul, 2018

Your gym shoes are a mess, and you have been eating like a rabbit for a month now. And while you drag yourself to the dreaded machine to weigh yourself, the same number stares back at you, as if mocking your efforts! Don't give up yet. The relationship with weight is always a little complicated for the most of us, as we are continuously chasing after an ideal figure, the perfect number on the weighing scale or some unrealistic standard pushed onto our plate by the media. In our personal struggles, we get tunnel vision and the lines of what is right and wrong get blurred, which results in us making some mistakes on our weight loss journey. Be it for the lack of better knowledge, or just general oversight, the mistakes stack up and deter us from losing the weight fast enough.


● Skipping meals: Most people think along the lines of ‘less you eat, the more weight you lose,’ and it is a common mistake to make and probably the most harmful one. Skipping meals slows down your metabolism, leading to a high chance of you snacking and binging later on. It is instead advised that you start the day right with a healthy, and filling breakfast, preventing you from overindulging later on. 

● Overeating healthy foods: Balance is necessary, even when it comes to the healthiest of food because the healthiest food should be taken in moderation.  Food is still food and calories are calories. So having avocados for each meal, or huge portions of nuts might look harmless to you, but they are adding up slyly. Even with the nutrient-rich foods like hummus, quinoa, and brown rice, one needs to be careful as to not over-consume.

● Not getting enough sleep: Even though losing weight and sleep might seem like they have nothing in common, but they are actually connected together integrally. Sleep deprivation can lead to a reduction of the hormone depicting ‘fullness,’ leptin, which in turn leads you to feel hungry. This pushes you towards overeating and inadvertently leading to weight gain.  Ensure that you get at least 7 to 9 hours of sleep each day, in order to stay healthy. 

● Focusing on cardio only: Most people are under the impression that cardio is the holy grail leading towards a fit body. For overall fitness, the body also needs resistance training, which helps in building muscles, metabolism and leading to loss of belly fat. Do a uniform combination of cardio and resistance training for the best version of you. 

● Not reading Labels: Don't be fooled by the loud and colorful claims of ‘Fat-free’ and ‘Low-fat’ in your nearest supermarket. Learn to read between the lines as many healthy looking packaged foods are really not all that healthy. Check the labels for any hidden ingredients like sugar, fructose, glucose, etc. and also check the nutrition label to take note of the serving size. 

● Having Unrealistic Expectations: It is always motivating to aim high; however there is a difference between optimism and unrealistic expectations, as the later can leave you feeling disappointed, and possible-dropouts! So tame your expectations to be a bit more realistic, which improves your chances of success, while steering you clear from disappointment.


Now that you know where exactly you have been missing a step or two, it is about time you amend your mistakes and walk towards a fitter body. Each body is different, and they all take a different amount of times to arrive at their desired body. So be patient with your body, give in all your efforts, and see where you land up. Ensuring that you know the basics of fitness, you are in good hands. 



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Mistakes people make while trying to reduce weight quickly.

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Your gym shoes are a mess, and you have been eating like a rabbit for a month now. And while you drag yourself to the dreaded machine to weigh yoursel... [Readmore...]

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