Popping the Conventional Fitness and Dietary Myths.

03 Jul, 2018

Everybody these days want to incorporate a healthy lifestyle and secretly hope for a shortcut to help remain fit. There are plenty of nutrition and training advices available out there. But the question is how authentic are these suggestions? As many myths and half-truths regarding fitness do the round on internet and are often ignorantly spread by people, it is essential you find real ways to achieve your fitness goals. With this post, we have tried to burst some myth bubbles so that you don’t fall prey to the far-fetched theories that are more fiction than facts and your fitness regime does not suffer.


#1 Lifting weights can cause women to bulk up!

The testosterone leads to development of large bulky muscles. Women have less testosterone than men. If a woman undergoes high-intensity weight training and follows an uncompromising nutrition plan then and only then is it possible for her to bulk up. Once a week weight session in the gym surely cannot have any such effect.


#2 Consuming fat can make you fat!

Fat rich foods are definitely loaded with calories, but they keep our tummy full for a longer time and help us avoid unnecessary junk cravings. Essential fats are necessary for your diet. When the right fats are taken in a balanced portion, they support your metabolism and keep you happy.


#3 Spending more time in the gym enhance your lifestyle!

After a rigorous gym session, your body needs time to recover. For a good workout, you don’t need to spend hours at the gym or work multiple times in a single day. Your workout should vary, and you should take breaks in between to avoid your body from injuries.


#4 Early morning exercise on an empty stomach gives the best results!

Never! We repeat. Never skip your breakfast and exercise on an empty stomach. It does not help you lose weight but can obstruct your body to exercise at high intensity. Have at least a glass of fresh juice before your session. Also, the time for you to exercise is not limited. Exercise whenever you find it suitable. It can be early morning or at the end of the day.


#5 Want flat abs? Be regular with your sit-ups and crunches!

Sit-ups and crunches don’t burn off a lot of calories; thus they do not actually help to reduce the fat. If not done properly they can have a bad effect on your spine and cause it to curve. The abs will show up only after the stomach fat is burned off.


#6 Sweating marks for a great workout!

Sweating in no way indicates that you burned more calories than usual. It is simply your body’s way of calming you down. It is possible that you can burn enough calories and not sweat at all.


#7 You can lose weight through spot reduction!

If you think by exercising a part of the body, you can lose fat of that area then “pop” the bubble just burst! The surplus body fat is always stored around the waist, stomach, and hips and these are usually the last places from where you lose weight during your weight-loss session. Regular aerobic and resistance exercise when combined with a balanced diet can help you to lose fat substantially.




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