Raining outside? How to exercise indoors?

14 Aug, 2018

Is heavy rain mimicking hurdle in your daily outdoor yoga workouts? Can you not make to the gym due to the severe outpour? The dripping whether can cast spells trying to ruin your fitness routine, so the next time it pours cats and dogs head out to the Youtube gurus and let it not wreck your workout schedule. Read below to learn more about ways how you can keep yourself fit indoors while harmonizing with the lousy weather!  



                                                                    ** Good old Jumping Jacks **


Hit back to those physical training exercises we were compulsorily made to do in school. They are the best cardio exercise to pump up oxygen flow in the blood. Keep your feet together and hands at sides, when you jump spread your limbs and come back at the starting position when you land.


                                                                           ** Dips **


Get a stable chair to boost your triceps. Sit on the edge of the chair while you maintain a tight grip with your hands on sides. Lift your bottom and walk forward a few steps. Following this, lower your body but be careful to keep the core straight, ensure your elbows are at a 90-degree angle. Straighten your arms, go back up and repeat this process for as many sets as you can.


                                                             ** Put the resistance bands to use **


Resistance bands help improve your body strength anywhere, anytime. This strength training exercise is the best way to develop those muscles. If you are committed to your body fitness, keep resistance bands at home so that you do not miss out on your everyday routine because of obstructing elements. These can be found at any sports store.


                                                                    ** Squats and Crunches **


Doing Squats everyday can help you get the best-toned butt and legs without needing any fancy equipments. Stand up straight and make sure your feet are at a shoulder-width distance. Squat down just until you are over your knees and repeat for the maximum number of times you can do. Similarly, Crunches can assist you to have strong abdominal muscles. They are slightly different from your regular sit-ups where you raise high lifting your chest off the floor.


                                                                        ** Skipping Rope **


This reminds of the trouble we would cause to our mother as kids. It is not limited to be used by little children, for adults it is a great cardio exercise. The ropes can be bought easily at any sports store.


                                                                           ** Zumba **


Who said workout is not fun? Put on your favourite youtube video and learn Zumba dance steps under few minutes. Dance your heart out and get fit in this easy process without having to go out. It is a good cardio exercise and burns a lot of calories under 30 minutes.


                                                                      ** House Cleaning **


Mop the floors, do the dusting and make your house sparkle by finishing off all your household chores. It is a tedious task and a perfect substitute for an effective workout which is capable of burning a large number of calories. 



Nothing stops a dedicated person, then why let the weather come in the way! Be creative and turn the internet into your workout instructor. This rainy season Stay Fit! Stay Healthy!




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